IBH TeamViewer

IoT solution IBH &Team Viewer for manufacturing enterprises

Meta Systems is engaged in the integration of digital solutions into the production processes. Our company upgraded the technical support process at one of the sauce manufacturing plants at the beginning of 2021. The company used to wait at least two days for a Centec specialist from Germany or the Czech Republic in case of equipment/line breakdown. Local specialists also needed hours to get to production. The line was idle all this time and the company suffered losses.

Our company has proposed an IBH Link IoT gateway with a pre-installed Team Viewer program for remote support to solve this problem. Now a specialist in the enterprise uses a laptop to launch Team Viewer and provide remote support access. Technician fixes breakdowns remotely. Connection and problem solving HERE and NOW.

Features of the proposed solution:
  • Quick troubleshooting. The ability to monitor production processes from anywhere and instantly respond to malfunctions.
  • Plug&Play integration. The TeamViewer IoT software is built right into the IBH Link IoT gateway so no coding is required.
  • Modernization of old equipment. Any equipment can be upgraded to work with IoT if it is running Windows or Linux operating systems.
  • Cross-platform and device compatibility. Access to the PLC on any device to monitor equipment status, set parameters or troubleshoot problems.
  • Secure connection. Highly secure end-to-end encryption and device access control protect the PLC.

Key Results:
  • 15% increase in production efficiency with remote instant response to PLC data;
  • Reduction of costly visits of technical specialists to the site.

The security provided by the Team Viewer software is world class. This software is trusted by Boeing, Airbus and other companies with very high security requirements;24/7 support will not be possible without a remote support module.