TMSZ uses the QiVisor production monitoring system

TMSZ is the first plant of the Terra Food company, and today it is the leader in the production of butter and cream mixtures. Products of TM "Tulchinka" are known and loved throughout our country. The plant management is constantly looking for new technological solutions to modernize their production processes, so they decided that this was a great opportunity to visualize data and quickly respond to process inconsistencies in our QiVisor application.

Description of the project

Client tasks:

It was necessary to monitor indicators from different types of equipment with data output on one screen. Compare readings to identify the causes of equipment breakdowns, quality violations. Analysis of the operation of production cycles to improve the speed of production, reduce the number of defects.

What was done:


  • We proposed a monitoring system based on our own controller. Sent a kit with instructions.
  • Provided video instructions for using the program.
  • The employees of the plant were able to independently connect the equipment and launch QiVisor in 1 day.


  • As a result of the project, the QiVisor system was implemented at the plant.
  • It became possible to monitor pasteurization and oil dosing processes in one web-window.
  • Receive notifications of breakdowns and analyze the causes of equipment failures.
  • Verify manual log readings with actual sensor readings.
  • Increasing the speed of analysis of emerging technological problems in production.
  • Increasing the speed of transition from one process to another.
  • Reducing the number of product defects. Product quality improvement.


Previously, the plant was guided by human records in the checklists: the foreman or operator recorded technological parameters every 20-30 minutes. The key role is played by the human factor in this method of collecting information. Because sometimes an employee may not have time to record indicators and gaps appear in the records. And in case of a discrepancy in the quality of the finished product, it is impossible to trace the root causes of this. After the implementation of QiVisor, everything became much easier - all indicators can be checked at any time and from any device. QiVisor allows you to monitor all parameters of energy resources in one window. And setting the statuses makes it possible to view when the equipment is working, idle, the cause of the breakdown, etc. All this data is easily exported to an Excel report.