Hardware IBH

With the TeamViewer IoT integration for IBHsoftec Edge Gateways, you instantly and securely remote connect to any of your PLCs – with zero complicated VPN setup, allowing easy access to controllers and their programming.
For whom?
The engineer
The technician
The IBH Link IoT

The module IBH Link IoT together with TeamViewer allows easy access
to controllers and their programming. It is a compact device for DIN rail mounting with four Ethernet ports and a 24V power supply. With the newly developed gateway IBH Link IoT and the pre-installed TeamViewer software, the possibility is offered to access almost all PLC systems anytime
and anywhere.
The IBH Link UA

The IBH Link UA is an OPC UA Server/Client module with integrated firewall for the SIMATIC S5, S7-200, S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, S7-1500 and LOGO! (Ethernet versions) PLC. It is a compact unit for DIN rail mount with
four Ethernet ports and a 24V power supply.

About TeamViewer

As a leading global remote connectivity platform, TeamViewer empowers users to connect anyone, anything, anywhere, anytime. The company offers secure remote access, support, control, and collaboration capabilities for online endpoints of any kind and supports businesses of all sizes to tap into their full digital potential. TeamViewer has been activated on approximately 2.2 billion devices; up to
45 million devices are online at the same time. Founded in 2005 in Göppingen, Germany, TeamViewer
is a publicly held company listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, employing about 1,350 people
in offices across Europe, the US, and Asia Pacific.

About IBHsoftec GmbH

The IBHsoftec GmbH is specialized in development and production of automation solutions for the industry. Primary technology field of the IBHsoftec GmbH is the PLC technology, whereby the main field is PLC programming systems and SoftPLC solutions. In this environment all substantial developments
of the past years are settled. The spectrum reaches from OPC UA Server, over SoftPLC solutions, debuggers and simulators, from comfortable programming systems for Step®5 and Step7 PLCs,
up to special network solutions for the linkage of PC and PLC components. With the experience of over 30 years, the spectrum grows continuously. The proximity to the market and detailed knowledge
of the application fields of our customers always lead to new, innovative products. The majority
of the solutions present on the market today are younger than five years.