Revolution Pi

Open source, modular, cost-effective. Your tool of choice for implementing your IIoT & automation projects

Revolution Pi is an open, modular and inexpensive industrial PC based
on the well-known Raspberry Pi. Housed in a slim DIN-rail housing, the three available base modules can be seamlessly expanded by a variety of suitable I/O modules and fieldbus gateways. The 24V powered modules are connected via an overhead connector in seconds and can be easily configured via a graphical configuration tool.
No lazy compromises when it comes to industrial suitability
To achieve a real industrial suitability according to EN 61131-2 or IEC 61131-2, the rather unknown Raspberry Pi Compute Module was used as a basis. The module, which looks like a notebook RAM bar, is limited to the essentials and does not have any external interfaces. With the Raspberry Pi Compute Module the foundation has been laid for equipping the Raspberry Pi with a robust
and industry-compatible periphery developed by us, which meets all important industrial standards. On the software side,
the Revolution Pi has a specially adapted Raspbian operating system, which is equipped with a real-time patch. The use of Raspbian ensures that most of the applications developed for the Raspberry Pi can also be used on the Revolution Pi.

Further information and all technical data on hardware and software can be found on the product pages of the individual modules.
For whom?
The engineer
The technician
Compact controller
One Device – Fully Packed. Get your projects done with RevPi Compact,
the open source device based on Raspberry Pi.
The RevPi Compact is an open source compact controller based
on the Raspberry Pi. Equipped with the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+, the control system has a quad-core processor with 1.2 GHz,
1 GB RAM and 8 GB eMMC flash memory.

RevPi Flat

The associated complex requirements and tasks can be realized by using our RevPi Flat. This module based on Raspberry Pi convinces with its genuine industrial suitability and a large number of interfaces. Thanks to the open platform concept (including full root rights), the device guarantees maximum design freedom when implementing your projects.
RevPi Core

Powered by the Raspberry Pi Compute Module, the base modules
are the core of every Revolution Pi modular system.
The RevPi Core is with 22.5mm only half as wide as the RevPi Connect, but has twice as many PiBridge connectors, namely two. This means that
the RevPi Core can be upgraded with up to 10 expansion modules.
RevPi AIO – Analog I/O Module

Besides three different digital I/O expansion modules, an analog I/O expansion module is also available. By using RevPi AIO, a Revolution Pi system is expanded by 4 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs and 2 RTD channels. Like all I/O modules RevPi AIO features a 28-pin I/O connector at the front. Inputs, Outputs and RTD channels are galvanically isolated to each other
and to the logic circuit. RevPi AIO is protected against interference according to EN 61131-2 requirements and may be operated from -30 °C to 55 °C ambient temperature. Furthermore, the analog I/O module is UL certified (UL-File-No. E494534).
RevPi MIO – Analog & Digital I/O Module

This expansion module allows you to connect both analog and digital sensors and actuators to your Revolution Pi system.
In addition to the dedicated digital and analog I/O expansion modules, there In addition to the dedicated digital and analog I/O expansion modules, there is also an I/O module for Revolution Pi that has digital inputs/outputs as well as analog inputs/outputs. The RevPi MIO adds 8 analog inputs, 8 analog outputs and 4 digital channels to the Revolution Pi system.
RevPi Connect

Realize your ideas with the open source IIoT gateway RevPi Connect.
The open source IIoT gateway RevPi Connect gives users maximum freedom when implementing IIoT projects due to its open platform concept (including full root rights). The RevPi Connect is equipped with the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3, Compute Module 3+ or Compute Module 4S, depending on the version.
The RevPi Connect+ feat. CODESYS

Industrial Raspberry Pi with fully integrated CODESYS Runtime
[Разрыв обтекания текста]The RevPi Connect+ feat. CODESYS can be used as a powerful, industrial small controller for a variety of different automation tasks and represents a real alternative to complex and cost-intensive PLCs. The RevPi Connect+ feat. CODESYS consists — as the name already indicates — of a RevPi Connect+ and a multicore capable CODESYS Control runtime system.
RevPi Con modules

Exclusively for RevPi Connect we provide expansion modules for CAN-Bus and wireless M-Bus connectivity.
In addition to the PiBridge, the RevPi Connect base modules have a so-called ConBridge connector.
RevPi Gateways

Besides three different digital I/O expansion modules, an analog I/O Integrate Revolution Pi into an industrial network
Integrate your Revolution Pi system in a fieldbus or Industrial Ethernet network.
It is not easy at all to integrate a device into an industrial network. Special protocols are often used for data transmission, such as Profinet or Profibus.
Whenusing our gateways — called RevPi Gate — integrating Revolution Pi into an industrial network is however no problem.
Digital IO modules

Expand your Revolution Pi system by adding digital I/O expansion modules.
To transform Revolution Pi into an industrial control unit, various digital I/O modules can be connected to the base module RevPi Core. The I/O modules come in three versions. All have the same 28-pin I/O connector at the front (connector with two rows of 14 pins each – two suitable 14-pin socket connectors with spring clamp contacts for the connection of up to 1.5 mm² stranded hookup wires are supplied). Apart from the standard version with 14 digital inputs and 14 digital outputs, there are also two special versions that exclusively have either 16 digital inputs or 16 digital outputs.