RevPi MIO – Analog & Digital I/O Module

This expansion module allows you to connect both analog and digital sensors and actuators to your Revolution Pi system.
In addition to the dedicated digital and analog I/O expansion modules, there In addition to the dedicated digital and analog I/O expansion modules, there is also an I/O module for Revolution Pi that has digital inputs/outputs as well as analog inputs/outputs. The RevPi MIO adds 8 analog inputs, 8 analog outputs and 4 digital channels to the Revolution Pi system.

Special features

The digital channels can be individually configured via software either
as digital inputs or digital outputs. Like all I/O modules, the RevPi MIO
is protected against interference in accordance with the EN 61131-2 standard and can be operated at -20 °C to +55 °C ambient temperature.
For whom?
Automation Engineers — may need the RevPi Con modules to monitor and control different process variables, like temperature, pressure, and flow, in an automated manner.
PLC Programmers — can use the RevPi Con modules to integrate and control field devices, such as sensors and actuators, within their PLC system.
Control Technicians — can use the RevPi Con modules to troubleshoot and adjust the control of various production processes.
Maintenance Technicians — may need the RevPi Con modules to monitor and diagnose any issues with the production equipment, helping to reduce downtime and improve maintenance efficiency.

Technical information RevPi MIO

Analog Inputs and Outputs
The 8 analog inputs and 8 analog outputs can be connected via the 28-pin terminal connector on the front of the module. Both the inputs and the outputs operate with 0 – 10 V. Variable switching thresholds allow the analog inputs to behave like digital inputs. The switching thresholds can be set for each channel. Each analog input is high impedance with a 100 kΩ input resistor and has a hardware filter with a cutoff frequency of 1.5 kHz. Additionally, each input is protected against ESD pulses by a protection diode.
The analog outputs can also be configured to output a constant, predefined voltage. This allows the analog outputs to be used like digital outputs and logic levels up to 10 V can be used.

Digital inputs and outputs
In addition to its analog inputs and outputs, the RevPi MIO also features
4 digital channels. Each channel can be configured either as digital input or digital output via the Revolution Pi configuration tool PiCtory. Furthermore, the following operating modes can be set: PWM input, pulse measurements, GPI 24 V, PWM output, pulse output & GPO 24 V level output.