Link UA

IBH Link UA is an OPC UA server/client module with firewall for SIMATIC S5, S7-200, S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, S7-1500 and Logo! (Ethernet versions) Controllers. This is a compact DIN rail mount device with four Ethernet ports and a 24V power supply. Meta manufacturing systems is official distributor
of IBHSoftec. Meta System implements IIoT to small manufacturing enterprises with expertise in engineering and process automation.
With verified IIoT solutions, we help manufacturing enterprises increase their efficiency with minimal investment.
  • Convenient configuration with the new IBH OPC UA Editor Siemens STEP7 or TIA Portal.
  • Administration via web browser
  • Historical data
  • Alerts and conditions
  • Modbus connection
  • MQTT connection
  • Certified by the OPC Foundation
  • Integrated SoftSPS for data preprocessing
  • OPC UA server for easy connection to MES, ERP and SAP systems and for visualization
  • OPC UA client to communicate with other OPC servers
  • Support for SINUMERIK 840D/840D SL parts.
  •  Support for Mitsubishi MELSEC IQR, FX5, QnA and L series controllers.
  • Support for Rockwell Controllogix and Compactlogix controllers.
  • Configuration backup and restore to MicroSD card
  • Remote maintenance with TeamViewer IoT
  • Freely defined address space
  • Scalable levels of security through the exchange of digitally signed certificates
  • 4 Ethernet ports with firewall for clear separation of process and control layers
One of the benefits of IBH Link UA from IBHsoftec is that IBH Link UA supports both client and server functions at the same time. This allows data to be exchanged between different OPC UA servers. The client functions will be configured using a standard web browser.
For whom?
This is a great tool for an engineer. A specialist in the enterprise using a laptop launches Team Viewer and provides access for remote support.
Technician fixes breakdowns remotely. Connecting and solving the problem is done HERE and NOW.

Technical information Link UA

IBH Link UA configuration is done using the free IBH OPC UA Editor, original Siemens STEP7 or TIA Portal.IBH Link UA configuration is done using the free IBH OPC UA Editor, original Siemens STEP7 or TIA Portal. There is no need for other special software. Thus, IBH Link UA can be easily integrated into a PLC project. IBH Link UA can handle up to 31 STEP7 and/or TIA projects at the same time.

The variable definition will be transferred from the programming tool to the IBH Link UA via Ethernet. Variable attributes (eg write protection or limits) will be defined directly in the PLC project. It provides symbolic access to variables and data block structures.

Communication with S5 and S7 PLCs is established via Ethernet.The IBH Link UA has three Ethernet ports for the machine layer and one Ethernet port for the control layer. Only OPC access is allowed at the control level. A firewa
ll is built between both levels. Ethernet ports can be configured using a standard web browser.
MQTT connection: OPC UA user-defined variables can be exchanged with the MQTT broker/server.

In this way, IBH Link UA can be used as a layer between machines and control systems (MES, ERP...) independently of Simatic controllers.

With the pre-installed TeamViewer software, you can access almost all PLC systems anytime, anywhere.