PROFIBUS - Tester V5 is a powerful diagnostic and troubleshooting tool for the senses, signal measurement and data analysis on PROFIBUS networks. The included software "PROFIBUS Diagnostics Suite" instantly generates test reports on the current status of the PROFIBUS system. "Oscilloscope function" allows you to display an informative oscilloscope even without an internet and a PC.Meta manufacturing systems is official distributor of AUTEM GmbH. Meta System implements IIoT to small manufacturing enterprises with expertise in engineering and process automation. With verified IIoT solutions, we help manufacturing enterprises increase their efficiency with minimal investment.
Measurement functions:
  • Bus physics analysis, communications;
  • Cable and signal test;
  • Frame protocol and analysis;
  • Current status of all bus devices;
  • Storage oscilloscope;
  • Long term trend;
  • Topology-Scanning.

Special features:

  • Built-in battery for autonomous operation;
  • Evaluation of the network status at the touch of a button (also continuous measurement);
  • Advanced PC based diagnostics;
  • Graphic display;
  • Creation of detailed test reports describing the actual status of the PROFIBUS networ;
  • Ease of use for both less experienced users and professionals.
For whom?
This tool is a great helper for the instrumentation specialist. PROFIBUS - Tester V5 allows performing a complete test of active PROFIBUS segments with minimal impact on their operation. The built-in master simulator allows you to test the bus even if the PLC is not currently running.Individual "suspicious" bus devices can also be checked.

Technical information PROFIBUS-Tester V5

Technical features

  • Diagnosis
Protocol- and Frame-Analysis:
PROFIBUS DP-V0 and DP-V1, automatic baudrate detection in the range of 9.6 kBit/s .. 12 MBit/s.
PROFIBUS DP-V0, DP-V1, FMS and MPI; signal quality index 0 .. 5,000, determined from signal waveform, signal/noise ratio and rise time; signal sampling with 8/16 samples per bit.
Test range: ±5 V at 10 mV resolution (differential), 0 V .. 15 V at 15 mV resolution (A or B to DGND); sampling rate: up to 384 Msamples/s; sampled points: 2,400 (signal details), 8,192 (oscilloscope analysis).
Topology Scan:
Active, maximum distance: 230 m, accuracy: ±2 m.
Cable Test:
Active, supported cable segment length:
5 m .. 1,500 m, accuracy: 5 %.

  • Internal Memory Capacity
3 user-definable network directories (segment and test location) for storing quick tests, trend logs and cable test results, trend logging: max. 99 hours.

  • Trigger
IN: L = 0 V .. 0.8 V; H = 2.4 V .. 24 V; pulse > 10 μs, active high; OUT: approximately 5 V, active low (connection to storage oscilloscope).
  • Connectors
PROFIBUS D-sub connector, 9 pins, power supply for external bus termination, USB V 2.0, high speed 480 Mbit/s, galvanically isolated.

  • Power Supply
Built-in battery or 24 VDC or external AC adapter 100 VAC .. 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz with mains cable Europa / USA

  • Dimensions
H x W x D: 35 x 220 x 110 mm

  • Weight
Tester w/o cable: approximately 0.75 kg; complete carrying case: approximately 4.2 kg
Operating/Storage Temperature
Operating temperature 0 .. 50 °C
Storage temperature -20 .. 70 °C
Air humidity 10 .. 90 % without condensation

  • Conformity

Accessories for PROFIBUS-Tester V5