KOEEBOX is a hardware solution that connects to mains-powered equipment and analyzes its operating efficiency (OEE). It makes asset management much easier and more efficient. This solution provides a complete analysis
of the operation of your equipment and thus allows you to see the weak points of your production and ways to eliminate them. Meta manufacturing systems is official distributor of It-Enterprise. Meta System implements IIoT to small manufacturing enterprises with expertise in engineering and process automation. With verified IIoT solutions, we help manufacturing enterprises increase their efficiency with minimal investment.
What are the problems we solve?
  • Weaknesses in production: Analyze and improve production tasks with data.
  • Lack of time for the most important things: Prioritize tasks for the crew, knowing when and why equipment is down.
  • Paperwork: Eliminate unnecessary paperwork by automating data collection.
  • Human factor: Get data without errors made due to negligence with our solution.
  • Mobile: Smartphone support.
  • Free month: All the advantages of SMART production in 1 month.


Works on any equipment

Quick installation

Installed in 15 minutes - no expert team required

Easy to use

Comfortable work. Convenient, intuitive interface.


No need for infrastructure or administration


  • Understands operating modes.
  • Registers energy consumption;
  • Sends instant notifications;
  • Track running time;
  • Displays the current status;
  • Displays the current status;
  • Registers energy consumption.
For whom?
This monitoring system allows the technical manager to control the parameters of technological processes with the possibility of optimizing them and reducing energy consumption.
Main parameters for control:
  • overall equipment efficiency;
  • consumption/electricity consumption.

Technical information Koeebox

KOEEBOX allows you to get all the data about the energy consumption of the equipment. Sensors are available to measure the following equipment condition monitoring parameters:

  • power consumption;
  • working time;
  • temperature;
  • vibration level;
  • pressure level;
  • weight control.
Also, KOEEBOX devices allow you to repair products and defects, keep records of the classification of product and equipment downtime, plan preventive maintenance schedules more efficiently, automatically call repair services and automate other important processes. Sensors can be connected to any equipment powered by the mains.

You can alternately place the same device on different equipment, provided that the power consumption of the equipment does not exceed the power measured by the KOEEBOX device. For example, if one equipment consumes 30 kW and the other 35 kW, this alternation is acceptable. If one equipment consumes 10 kW and the other 100 kW then such alternation of placement is not allowed.

Steps of implementation

Choose any electric-powered equipment
Install the sensor right on the power cable
Run your KOEEBOX and get instant results!