QiVisor HR

QiVisor HR is a workday map display system. This system visualize data from ACS. Meta manufacturing systems is the developer of the Qivisor system. Meta System implements IIoT to small manufacturing enterprises with expertise in engineering and process automation. With verified IIoT solutions, we help manufacturing enterprises increase their efficiency with minimal investment.
  • Price from 2 euro per license
  • Integration with installed ACS
  • Implementation speed from 2 days
  • Excel reports


  • Geolocation of the space in which people spent time
  • Cost-effective solution using a web application and affordable hardware
  • Tracking the distribution of workforce at the facility
  • Reliable online activity data and overall project status

Technical information QiVisor HR

The HR system includes:
  • Web application “QiVisor”.
  • Cloud Server.
  • Gateways with access to the Internet / or ACS system.
  • Personal identifiers (beacons/cards).
For zone monitoring:
  1. Insert a SIM card with an internet connection into gateways
  2. Pre-configured gateways should be placed in zones with a radius of up to 30m
  3. Give employees personal identifiers (beacons)